SashGuy is a full service window repair company that is dedicated to the preservation of your Historic Property

Services provided range from simple glass replacement to complete, like new, renovation and insulation of sash, casement and transom windows manufactured between 1875 and 1940

Our experience with double hung sash windows dates back to the mid 1960's

We are fully aware that a Historic Home, unlike new construction, is meant to be maintained, rather than neglected until replacement of components is necessary

Unlike many insulation techniques, our non invasive process insures that your windows maintain their original strength and longevity

You will also find that our services provide like new operation and energy efficiency comparable to newly manufactured windows at a fraction (approximately 15%) of the cost 

National Trust for Historic Preservation concerning replacement windows

Single Pane vs Double Pane, A Study

What a homeowner should be aware of;

If your exterior glazing (putty) is cracked and/or separating from the glass, rot will eventually set in and destroy your window.

If your windows are caulked, or painted shut, it is highly likely that they have started to rot due to trapped moisture.

We specialize in windows built before 1940. If your windows are of a

later date, please contact the manufacturer or a window replacement service 

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